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India Travel

India, with its vast territory, is a rich cultural melting pot. Its colourful festivals of all religions and people blend well with its magnificent landscapes of jungles, valleys, arid deserts and high Himalayan peaks, not forgetting its famous historical cities. As a travellers’ destination, it offers sand, sea and snow!

Darjeeling is the Queen of India's hill stations. Its setting is one of incomparable beauty. A Victorian town of old world charm 'discovered'by the British, it is almost completely surrounded by fragrant tea gardens which seem to flow over the layered slopes like emerald swells on a rough sea. These are in turn interspersed by untamed jungle of Fern and Bamboo, groves of sweet smelling Coniferous trees and hamlets lost and which may be the finest this earth has to offer, It hits one like Darjeeling's true name, “Dorje Ling”, or 'Place of the Thunderbolt'. Read more...

Nestled high above the Teesta river valley a little delightful state of Sikkim lies in the eastern end of the Himalayan massifs. Nepal in the west Bhutan in the east and Tibet in the northern border, this fascinating Himalayan land is becoming a favourite destinations for visitors from round the globe in the recent years. The area of Sikkim is 7,096 square kms and measures approximately about 110 kms from north to south and about 64 kms from the east to the west. And the elevation ranges from 224kms to over 8590 mtr above sea level which gives this land a huge range of flora and fauna. Magnificent Mt.Khangchenzonga (8598 mtr) towering high above the northern range, age old monasteries on every hill top, its richness in culture, religion,natural beauty, adventure and friendly welcoming people. Read more...

Popularly known as "Hermit Kingdom", Ladakh is a land of snow carved peaks, translucent Lakes, barren terrain and mystic culture. The district of Ladakh lies at the border with Tibet at the most eastern corner of the State of Kashmir. Bounded by two of the world's mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram, Ladakh is a land like no other. Ladakh is often referred to as the "Little Tibet", or the "Last Shangri-La". Ladakh is the trans-Himalayan region, which separates the western Himalayan peaks from the Tibetan plateau. In geological terms, this is a young land, formed only a few million years ago by the buckling and folding of the earth's crust as the Indian sub-continent pushed with irresistible force against the immovable mass of Asia. Read more...